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Grace Period is a blog from the heart of a Christian. I enjoy sharing my faith, my hopes, my dreams - and especially my opinions! Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad. Hopefully it's always thought-provoking.

Thank You Veterans!

A very big “Thank you!” to each and every veteran who has served. In honor of Veteran’s Day I am sharing a poem entitled, “It Is the Soldier” written by Charles M. Province.


It is the Soldier, not the minister Who has given us freedom of religion.
It is the Soldier, not the reporter Who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the Soldier, not the poet Who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer Who has given us freedom to protest.
It is the Soldier, not the lawyer Who has given us the right to a fair trial.
It is the Soldier, not the politician Who has given us the right to vote.
It is the Soldier who salutes the flag, Who serves beneath the flag, And whose coffin is draped by the flag, Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

©Copyright 1970, by Charles M. Province
Posted 238 weeks ago

Faith That Can Be Seen

This week’s broadcast is up @ In this week’s passage (Luke 5:17-26), Scripture says that the Lord saw their faith. Their faith was evidenced by their actions. Can the world see your faith? Music by the Booth Brothers, Shenandoah Haven Choir, Babbie Mason.

Posted 238 weeks ago

Election Day Prayer

Heavenly Father, we ask for Your divine will to be accomplished in this year’s election - in every district, in every state, in every race. But we also declare emphatically that our hope is not in this election. Our hope resides not in Republicans or Democrats, nor on Pennsylvania Avenue. Our hope remains steadfastly in You.

Lord, we love our country, a home and haven that was gifted to us by Your gracious and bountiful hand. We love its founding and its freedom. We ask that you increase our love for our fellow-citizens. We also plead Your perfect will for its future.

We thank You for each of those who have donned a uniform and have sacrificed so greatly to guard and protect this country for us. Nearly 1.2 million Americans have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and we will not forget nor take that for granted. Lord, for the 24 million veterans of war and peace alive today, and for all of those currently serving, we extend our gratitude, and plead for their protection, and ask that each one come to know You in true repentance and faith.

May each of Your children arise and exercise the divinely given right that so many on earth do not enjoy - the right to vote. And may we vote according to Your mind and heart, not our money or our selfish will. Let us vote today in such a way that our children and grandchildren cannot point a convicting finger toward us and ask why we allowed our country to slip towards destruction. May we honor You with our actions today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Posted 240 weeks ago

The Sanctity of Life

This week’s broadcast entitled, “The Sanctity of Life” is up at In Genesis chapter 9 God teaches Noah, and us, that life is precious and priceless. We should stand up and speak up to protect the most vulnerable and helpless among us - the unborn. Music by Selah.

Posted 241 weeks ago

God's Evaluation of Noah

This week’s broadcast entitled, “God’s Evaluation of Noah” is up @ In the letter to the Hebrews, the author details God’s evaluation of Noah. He was a man of enduring faith, reverential fear, and eternal fruit. Music by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Posted 243 weeks ago

Finding Our Way Through Foggy Times

The other morning as I took Braden to school, we drove into a thick fog bank. I took the opportunity to attempt to teach Braden that the fog was a good example of times in our lives when we have to make decisions and we’re not sure which way to go. I told him that if you try to look too far down the road you can become confused, panicked, and lost. But if you slow down and look right in front of you, you can see the lines on the road, and they will lead you. The same is true with the Lord. If we will slow down, and watch right in front of us and do the things we’re supposed to do, the Lord will lead us through His Word, His Spirit, and His peace (or lack of it).

Finally the fog lifted and we could see again. It was then that I realized that what I was trying to teach Braden was really meant for me.

If it’s a little foggy in your life right now, don’t look too far down the road or you will panic. Do your best to discharge the duties just in front of you, and trust the Lord to lead you through the fog. It will lift and you’ll be able to see clearly again!

Psalm 48:14 “For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death.”
Posted 245 weeks ago

Noah's Beginning

This week’s broadcast entitled “Noah’s Beginning” is up @ Noah is described by the writer of Hebrews as a man of faith and action. His story in Genesis 6-9 is a story of grace and redemption. Today, we’ll look at his beginning.  Music by Gold City.

Posted 246 weeks ago

Hope in a Hopeless Society

It doesn’t take long to see the effects of Adam and Eve’s sin on society. Genesis chapter 4 details how, in just a few short generations, Cain’s line degenerates into immorality and wickedness. Regardless of how advanced a society may become, without God man is utterly and hopelessly lost. Just when we think all is lost, Scripture tells us of another birth. It was more than just the birth of Seth, it was the birth of hope! This week’s broadcast entitled, “Hope in a Hopeless Society” is up @ Music by Talley Trio.

Posted 248 weeks ago

Wise Words

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” - Benjamin Franklin

“Dear Lord, I am going to need a lot of help in this area. Amen.” - Jason

Posted 248 weeks ago

Cain & Abel - The Original Religious Conflict

As we look around the world today, we can’t help but see the fruit of Adam’s sin. Genesis 4 details the account of Cain and Abel and the original religious conflict. God tells us the reason in 1 John 3:12, “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.” And so it continues today. This week’s broadcast entitled “Cain and Abel - The Original Religious Conflict” is up @ Music by Legacy Five.

Posted 249 weeks ago