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Politics As Usual

I enjoy politics most of the time. Battling for my views and principles within the arena of ideas is much preferred to a real battlefield. However, politics as a gamesmanship can be “taxing.” During this time of year with the passing of “Cromnibus,” all of the wrangling over gasoline taxes, and the enormous amounts of sales tax being collected, the Messiah’s birth could get crowded out.

It has happened before. In Luke 2:1-7 a form of the word “tax” is mentioned four times. It seems 2,000 years ago that taxes were a big deal then, too. In the hustle and bustle of an empire-wide census, the birth of the Messiah was pretty much missed by all but a few shepherds, some foreign¬†wise men, and of course Simeon and Anna.

There were¬†no decorations, no parades, no parties. It was business and politics as usual. This year, let’s not let the usual things steal our attention and affection away from the One whose birth was the most unusual!

Merry Christmas!

Posted 234 weeks ago